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Lug Pattern Database

Bolt pattern actually determines which set of tires can fit on your car. It is very important for users to remember that the bolt pattern of your wheel must be the same as the bolt pattern found in your car.

To fully understand how bolt pattern works it’s important to learn about lug holes that are drilled in the wheel center and surround the hub bore.

While lug holes may be small, they play a critical role in ensuring that the wheels of your car stay intact. Lug holes are always designed in a circular pattern.

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Currently, there exist different sets of lug holes which work with their compatible lug type. For example, a ball-seat lug will go well with a wheel that has a round lug seat. An acorn-sat lug will do well with wheels that have a tapered lug seat.

What is very important here is to ensure that the shank piece that you have must meet your needs. This is the case as suing wheel lugs that are not the same as the lug pattern in your wheel will damage the lug holes. In extreme cases, the wheel can even detach from the car.

A two number system is used for categorizing bolt patterns. The first digit captures the number of the bolt holes the wheel contains. The second digit determines the diameter that the bolts make when forming a circle.

A 5-100mm bolt pattern means 5 bolt holes that are placed in a circle with a diameter of 100 mm. A larger vehicle will come with more bolts and larger bolt circle.

Ways of measuring bolt pattern

4-bolt pattern is measured in a straight line from the center of one bolt hole to the opposite one.

5-bolt pattern is often more difficult to measure. But one can simply use a straight line coming from the backside of one hole to the center of the bold that is sitting in the third position.

6-bolt pattern – just as with a 4-bolt pattern you just measure in a straight line the distance covered from the center of one hole to the center of the next bolt.

8-bolt pattern – the same procedure used as in a 6-bolt pattern.

Dual bolt pattern comes with an additional set of bolt holes which means that a wheel can be able to accept more than one bolt pattern.